“I’ve been putting into practice several of the techniques we talked about they helped me do a great job on a new job that is leading to a lot more work and a lot more money. It’s such a blessing because a few months ago I would have had a panic attack, self-sabotaged, or convinced myself I couldn’t do that job. I feel like a different person. I’m putting in the work on a daily basis so I don’t feel depressed at all and I’m really working on forgiveness for myself and others so I can let go of the rest of my anger. You were a real blessing and our meetings came about the perfect time. I really appreciate how you spoke to me and your words continue to make an impact.” A.B.


“Dr. Laughlin has been a God send to me. I haven’t had an easy time finding a Dr and when I looked her up I just had this positive feeling about her. She is so kind and professional and extremely helpful with many tools. She is full of knowledge and anything she doesn’t know, she looks up to provide you the information you need to at least point you in the right direction. I’m so thankful to have come across her for and all of her help thus far!” C.D.


“Dr Laughlin is a gifted and empathetic counselor. I’m amazed at the wisdom she can dispense. I willingly drive from COS to Denver to see her. She has been my emotional angel!!” E.F.

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